Last hours in Australia

It is now less than 17 hours until take-off! I have been, with the help of my parents, packing, unpacking, and repacking my suitcase and am now almost ready to go (with the exception of the last minute Carmello Koalas I still have to shove into my suitcase somewhere). Tip for future packing: probably don’t weigh your suitcase every time you put something new in it.

^ Half way there!

So what did I pack? Nearly 300 badges to share with other Rotarian exchange students, of which about 120 I made myself from the sheepskin scraps I got from my old bosses at Mortels, Tony and Stephanie and the old name badges from my Dad’s travel company All Australian Journeys. It was a big job cutting them all out but hey, they are unique!  Of course there are the obligatory three jars of vegemite, gifts for my host families and friends I meet along the way, and of course the technology: one la top, an ipad, three cameras (down from the planned four), and of course my mobile (I had realised early on the only way I was going to get a mobile before I turned 16 was to go to another country).


Right now in my host town it is about 35 degrees colder than I have been experiencing for the past month here in Australia so it will be quite the change. I have been talking and getting to know my host family through emails, text, and skype and I am quite excited to be able to meet them in person very soon!

Actually, I’m a bit nervous about the language thing…apparently the four or five hours I have been taking to painstakingly translate my email responses has been a little too effective…my counsellor complimented me on my German yesterday – boy is he in for a shock when he tries to talk to me! Lucky my first host family speaks perfect English…!

So this is my last night with my family before I leave and while I’m going to miss them a lot, I am excited for what’s to come. 

^Before we left for Sydney

I am staying in Sydney tonight before my flight and it’s kind of like a dress rehearsal. I am relieved to find out that the only thing I have forgotten to pack so far is a bangle my mum gave me a few months ago- not my passport. It’s ok because we’ve discussed how it was going to be a pain to get through security while I was wearing it and I don’t want to lose it- it’ll be something to look forward to when coming home 🙂

Fingers crossed that’s the only thing I’ve forgotten. Wait! Where’s my wallet?! Oh yeah, it’s in my bag. Probably time to go to bed before the packing panic really sets in.

I best sign off for now…maybe a bit of German to set the tone…Auf Wiedersehen.



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