I’ve spent almost 40 days in Germany but doesn’t feel that long. It’s been going terrifically- I have seen a bit more of Ratzeburg, Mölln, and Lübeck and I’ve been understanding more German.

Being only a 20-minute train ride away, it’s pretty easy to go to Lübeck so two weekends or so ago I went with Lilia- my host sister, Paloma, the exchange student from Mexico, and her host sister. We walked around a bit, went in some stores, and I accidentally paid a street performer almost $5 AUD for a few photos -pay attention to currency conversion rates.

The next day I went up to Lübeck again with my host family and some of their family friends from Berlin that they spend Christmas with. While they looked at some shops and had a look inside the Holsten Gate, their daughter, Lilia, and I went ice skating in an outdoor ice skating rink. After a while we went with everyone else on a walk through the city.

Friday nights are now the nights where we speak mainly German and Jess cooks so last Friday night I made rissoles for my host family and they were so shocked when I pulled out a few of those Australian tomato sauce packets you have with pies and sausage rolls that you squeeze. I didn’t realise that they were a mostly Australian thing but my host mother really liked them and thought they were both tasty and practical. They haven’t seen anything yet- wait until I bring out the vegemite.

Yesterday, Paloma, Harry, Brianna from the USA, and I met up all together for the first in a little café in Ratzeburg. I have Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off from school this week so tomorrow Harry and I are going to go up to Lübeck have a walk around.

I have finished my German lessons with the New Zealand exchange student Harry in Razteburg but we’ve been talking with my Rotary club on other ways I can do a language course and now I’m doing language lessons one on one with someone. Each Friday my school has a class for German as a foreign language. There’s only a few people in the class and the teacher is nice so that’s also been helping.

School has been really good. I’m still hanging out with people in my class and I’ve been talking to some people outside of my class too including one girl who invited me over to her house to have pizza. One of my classes is politics and I have asked my politics teacher if she would like me to give a presentation on how the Australian government works and how legislation is made as I think they are looking at how the German government makes laws. So on Monday I’m going to present the PowerPoint I made for the one of the Rotary orientation weekends in Australia.

I went to another Rotary meeting a few days ago, where I spoke about my family, where I live, and my school in Australia which went well and I was able to introduce myself properly to the president of my club.
On Friday Harry, Paloma, and I have a Rotary orientation meeting in Strausberg with all the other Rotary exchange students in our district (about 65-70). Paloma has been in Germany for 6 months so she’s already been to two other meetings but for Harry and I it will be our first time with everyone else. It’s only 30kms away from Berlin so Paloma, Harry, and I will spend the morning looking around. It’ll be my first time in Berlin so I’m really excited!

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