Ok, so Eurotour was a thing this month! 19 days with 105 other exchange students spread out on only two busses. We left on the 30th of April and got back on the 19th of May after visiting six different countries, ten cities, and a lot of servos.

We started in Dresden, and visited Prague, Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Venice, Pisa, Rome, Innsbruck (Austria), Bamberg (Germany), and finished in Berlin. It was insane.

I’m writing a bit of a report on what I did each day but that’s not quite finished yet. But I do have a couple of days ready so I’ll put them at the end.


Last weekend I changed families for the first time and it’s been really cool. There are two daughters in my new family; Paulina and Friederike. Friederike was in Taiwan from 2014-2015 with Rotary as an exchange student.

The town I’m in now is Sterley. It has only a thousand people but has a shop open every day including Saturday and Sundays. In Germany, everything (other than restaurants) is closed on Sundays. This is the same in big cities like Berlin and my last host town which was much bigger.

In my town, there’s also a dairy farm where you can walk in whenever you want and say hi to all the cows and the calves. School finished early Wednesday so Friederike and I went to have a look at them and there were about five or so little calves that you can give a bit of a scratch as well as heaps of older ones. They also have one of those automatic milking things and that was cool. This morning I had their milk in my coffee.

I’m still going to my school in Mölln and Friederike is in the year above me. School is going well and recently I went out with one of my friends to get ice cream which was the first time I’ve been out with one of my German friends. That was really nice.


I’ve recently been going much better with my German. I’ve spoken basically only German with my new family except for a few times when we needed to make sure we were all on the same page. They say that usually you’re able to understand a lot by the four to sixth month mark and I’m half way through my fourth month and I know a lot more.

Can’t say the same for my English. In English class, we’re starting a new topic- South Africa. We all had to brainstorm things that come to mind when we think of South Africa. I wrote down a lot of things including giraffe and elephant and had a bit of a crisis when I forgot how to spell elephant- with an “f” or with a “ph”. So, I tried writing down both. The “f” looked most correct and I thought- wow Jess how could you have thought it was with a “ph”? I didn’t realise until I was typing this and the little red line showed up that, elephant is spelt like elephant. Not my finest moment. So sorry if there’s any spelling mistakes or anything else like that in report. My English is having some problems right now. Good luck trying to understand me in December.


What’s happening soon? Well, next weekend, there’s a Rotex weekend in Copenhagen to say goodbye to the oldies who are leaving soon. I’m really excited to see them all again but it’ll only be a bit over half of everyone from Eurotour (the other half are from the other districts who came with us). I’m not sure what we’ll be doing in Denmark but I’ll be able to put all that in my next report.


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