July, seventh month of the year. It’s been over 200 days but it feels like it’s been much less.


Right now, I’m on school holidays for six weeks. My host family and I aren’t doing any big holidays but so far we’ve been out and about a lot. We’ve still got three weeks left for the holidays and once I go back to school I’ll be in the 11th grade in a new class. I’ll also be switching from the Geography to the language profile.


Some of the things I’ve done or seen this month;

  • Went to see Travemünde Sailing Week in Lübeck. It’s a big yearly festival at Travemünde beach and the second biggest sailing event in the world (beaten by Keil Week also in Germany only two hours from me).
  • Got to see Hamburg both as a school trip with my class and when going to get my phone fixed.
  • Picked raspberries with my host parents at a local farm.
  • I made a pavlova for my host family. They weren’t the biggest fans because it was too sweet so I made them some more ANZAC biscuits.
  • Spent the day with twenty teens from all over the world who were participating in a Rotary summer trip. We had a tour of Mölln and learnt about Till Eulenspiegel, a trickster that travelled Europe and particularly Northern Germany in the 1300s. He died in Mölln and a gravestone was erected once the people of Mölln realised how important he was to everyone. We walked around the town and I found out there was a massive park just behind the main street that I had somehow never seen. The main part of the day was when we did the Drei Musekel Tour in Ratzeburg. First with a hand car on a train track, then on a six-person conference bike, and the last stretch was on a dragon boat that fit up to twenty people. It was a really good day.
  • I saw the Roncalli Circus in Lübeck with my Rotary host counsellor, Silke.
  • I spent the day with my host parents and Pauline my host sister in Hansa park. It’s a theme park near Lübeck and it’s really pretty with buildings and rides based off things and places like Lübeck and other Hansa cities.
  • Yesterday I was at the Seal Station in Friedrichskoog near the North Sea. They do a lot of work with pups abandoned by their mums.
  • Harry and I said goodbye to our oldies, Paloma and Brianna from Mexico and the USA. That was sad but we still talk a bit and we’ve got our newbie coming in around two weeks.

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