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Copenhagen! We had our goodbye weekend for the oldies of the district this month in Rostock with a day trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. Not everyone from the district was able to come but it was nice to be with most of them again.

Saturday was an early start because we took our bus onto the ferry, spent four hours or so there, and then a few more hours drive to Copenhagen. After the long trek, we only had about four hours in Copenhagen until we had to go back but during that time we walked around the city and then had a some of free time to buy souvenirs.

On Sunday, after Kerstin, the head of YEP in D1940, and the Rotex left, we stayed outside the hostel for a few more hours signing flags, writing in books, swapping business cards, giving out pins, and recording voice messages for each other on their phones.

We spent a lot of time at Warnemünde beach in Rostock on Friday, and then again Saturday night and Sunday before Harry, Paloma, and I went back. (Although on Sunday we almost didn’t make it back because we misjudged how long it would take us to get from the beach to the train station and ran the whole way). It was a really good weekend with not many tears because we were going to see each other at the district conference.
In Berlin this month, District 1940 had our annual conference. All the exchange students from the district are expected to attend and help the Youth Exchange Program continue by showing we’re not a complete waste of time and money and giving the leaders of the district an idea of who we are. Some of us performed in small groups or alone doing songs, skits, poetry, or dances that are either from our countries or to do with being an exchange student in Germany. We also as a group sang “Wir Sind Alle Wie Eins” (We Are All Like One). It’s a song about people speaking different languages and being from different countries and coming together as one so it was pretty fitting for our group.

We didn’t have enough people performing for the time slot we had so I volunteered to play and sing Land Down Under on guitar. It was the first time I had properly played a guitar in almost 150 days so it was a bit challenging. Adding to that, I only knew I would be performing an hour or two beforehand and two other groups needed the guitar too. But, with a little advice from my friends such as, “You’ve gotta sound more bogan”- Peter from Melbourne, it sounded pretty good.

At the end of our section of the conference, we sang Wir Sind Alle Wie Eins and by the time we finished more than a few teary eyes could be found so it was time for group hugs and more crying. Then we realised we should probably get off the stage so they can finish the conference.
In the past couple weeks, the exchange students from the Northern Hemisphere where the school is different have started going home and that’s been really sad. Especially saying goodbye to people who live really far from Australia and aren’t as easy to visit- so basically everyone except for Kiwis.

Brianna (US) and Paloma (Mexico), the oldies from Harry and I’s town, will be going back soon and neither of us are looking forward to that, but last week I learnt that we’ll be having a newbie arrive at the end of August from the US called Lauren. I’ve already talked to her a couple times over the phone so that’s exciting.