March Report

There’s been a lot of things happening this month- I’ve joined a badminton team, I’ve been to a Rotary weekend, the sun’s come out, and there’s been a lot of ice cream with friends.

With the promise of a new packet of Tim-Tams, I thought it was about time to try the packet in my suitcase. My host family tried one and they really liked them but of course you can’t properly eat Tim-Tams without a cup of coffee. Luckily, I could make this experience truly Australian with some Blend 43 Nescafé Coffee (yes, I chose to bring instant coffee sachets in my suitcase instead of the important things and no, I don’t regret it). We each had a cup of coffee in one hand and a Tim-Tam in the other. It was time. I showed them which corners to bite and we all had very successful Tim-Tam Slams with no one dropping the Tim-Tams into their drink.

Something that I knew I wanted to make for them was a pavlova and last weekend I could. It was a lot harder to make it in Germany with trying to find the right white vinegar, getting the eggs, and translating things like cornflour. But we got there in end after three trips to the shops, a new electric beater, and sending frantic messages from the aisles of German Aldi to my Mum and Dad in Australia about what fruits should I put on top (we had kiwi fruit, passion fruit, and a berry mix with strawberries, raspberries, a few others).

Luckily, they loved it. They had never had a pavlova before and it was their first time eating passion fruit, but I was asked for the recipe by Silke so it must have gone well.

Recently the weather has had a very sunny change. While it’s still a bit too cold to go out without a jumper, there’s been lots of sun and last weekend I went with my host parents and their dog on a bike ride around one of the lakes near our house. Today I went with Lilia and her friend on a paddle boat on another of the lakes. It was hot enough that we didn’t really have to wear our jackets and while the sun was lovely, the water is still too cold for swimming.

Daylight savings have come and now I’m only 9 hours behind Australia because Spring is here! (edit: ok so I was told that actually you’ve moved an hour behind last night or a few nights ago and so it’s now 8 hrs difference) The flowers are all coming out- especially the Osterglocken (Easter bells) that are planted all around the garden. I’m excited because in the next couple of weeks, the trees are going to start getting their leaves again. Spring also means the ice cream cafés are opening again and there’s a lot of ice cream cafes in Germany with three in Ratzeburg alone. Also- because Germany is cold to begin with, ice cream weather is much cooler than in Australia. I can eat an ice cream without it melting everywhere!

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